Cleantech Corridor and Green District

type: master plan for Los Angeles cleantech corridor and green district
location: East Los Angeles, California

The process of urban sprawl, especially in suburban area, has been showing similar pattern with the slash-and-burn farmers. They occupy, consume and leave. This urban sprawling pattern caused serious damages on nature and a waste of huge amount of resources as well as increase of urban slums and blighted areas. This phenomenon is caused mainly by the fact that the current cities were planned to serve a function only to be served and were in lack of flexibility and diversity to serve new functions due to social changes.

Our society is going through rapid changes from unified one-way environments to multi-leveled interactive environments that require diversity and individuality. As the current city is needed to accommodate multiplicities, complexities and nuances in our everyday life, the city requires new combined, multileveled and multilateral operating system under which urban function can be added or modified or even removed easily.

We propose the system maximizing ‘occupied time’ and ‘occupying type’ of the city by endowing the city with functional diversity and variability as a mean of increasing the city efficiency. The maximized functional diversity and variability will provide a flexible cityscape in which the system adapt to new environments, and create dynamic and creative urban atmosphere.

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